Sunday, 19 February 2012

Aztec Nails

Tribal print has been everywhere the past few seasons and I've seen a lot of variations of the print in nail art. These are quite a simple design, mainly stripes and dots, although I did have trouble painting the little triangles as my brushes are not thin enough, (next purchase: thinner brushes!). These would work great with any base colour, but I decided to use this 'Tiffany' Blue colour as I have been wearing a lot of pinks and nudes lately and fancied a change.

Let me know what you think :) Hope you've all had a great weekend. xx

Colour Choices

I decided not to do any close ups as the triangles are quite messy and look better from far away, hah!

I will be investing in a new camera when I return from New York, so bare with me and the rubbish quality photos for now :)


  1. these are so pretty.
    im getting into nail art, but im not very good, plus, i dont have any 'tools' lol


    1. Thank you, you can get good nail art brushes on amazon or ebay for around £5, they are definitely worth getting as it makes it easier to do smaller patterns :) Your blog is lovely, I've always been a fan of art and I love reading your views on artists and their works :) xx

  2. thanks for sharing. love your nails. please follow back.


  3. The nails are gorgeous!Well done dear (:
    I'm following now!