Sunday, 4 March 2012

Past Designs and New York Photos

As I've been in  New York the past week, I've not had any time to do any nail designs to post about. So I thought I could show you all a few nail designs I had completed before I started my blog, and I will also throw in a few photos I took in New York. Sorry about the rubbish quality of the photos, most were taken on my very old Blackberry! I hope you like this post and I will create some new nail designs very soon :) hope you've all had an awesome week and thank you for your lovely comments, it really does mean a lot. xx

Jägermeister Logo

American Flag - Ignore the chipped nail!

Halloween Nails

Black and Pink Floral

Black and Pink Floral

My happy face in NY

I heart NY

Central Park

Crazy Shopping Face

Times Square
Roosevelt Hotel 


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  1. Great photos!

    I have nominated you on my blog for The Versatile Blogger Award :) xxx