Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lilac Gradient

Hi guys, it's been a while again I know but I am running low on ideas, so any requests or ideas you have would be very welcome. I'd love to do my next design based on an idea thought of by one of my followers so don't be shy if there's anything you'd like me to do let me know in the comments and I will have a go at it for you and possibly make a little tutorial :)

I recently bought a lilac nail polish from the brand 'Miss Sporty, I never usually buy this brand but seen as the polishes were so cheap (£1.99 a bottle!) I thought I would pick up a lilac shade. I decided to use this lilac in a 'ombre' nail design. I started with a white base coat to help the colours show up brighter on the nail, once this was completely dry I used a make up sponge and painted my three chosen colours (O.P.I - Pink Friday and 'Smooch - 07 Chic) in stripes onto a flat edge of the sponge. I then got rid of the excess paint by pressing it onto a sheet of paper and then pressed it onto my nail. Pressing it onto the paper also lets you see how the colours will look together and if they blend well. A lot of my first attempts didn't work as well as the colours did not blend together but I think this selection of colours works particularly well.

Hope you like them and don't forget to leave me any ideas or requests if you have any, thank you xx