Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bloody Halloween Nails.

Hey everyone! Here's a few pictures of my halloween nails. I decided to go full on gory using blue and red nail polishes, fake blood and false nails. It's pretty simple to do and has an amazingly disgusting outcome.  Just snap the false nails and glue them onto your own with a mix of the blue and red polishes to look like bruising underneath, then finish off with some false blood. Happy Halloween xx


  1. OMG that is disgustingly awesome! Although it does remind me of that part in Silence of The Lambs where the girl that's being kept in the pit sees the fingernail stuck in the wall an freaks out!!
    Very cool!


    1. haha, thank you :)

      yessss!! reminds me of that too now you've said :) xx