Saturday, 30 March 2013

Spring Floral Nails Tutorial

Hi guys! Here's a quick tutorial on some pretty nails perfect for spring and the warmer weather. Floral nails are super easy to do as they are basically just different coloured blobs, perfect for beginners to try! I find that there are not many nail designs I can paint on both my hands but florals are pretty easy to do and still look good painted with my left hand. Hopefully you'll find these as easy to do and they also look great in all colours. Hope you like. x

1. Choose your base coat colour and paint all of your nails using this. I used a sky blue so that the pink flowers show up well. Cream and nude colour bases work just as well.

2. Using the colour you have chosen for your flower, paint blobs on your nail. The size and how many you paint depends on what you want them to look like overall. I just went for 3-4 large blobs to make a larger flower design.

3. Using a green paint two small lines from each of the 'flowers' and thicken them out to look like leaves.

4. Using a darker shade to the base flower shade, paint around the outline of each blob and swirl it into the centre so that you aren't outlining the whole of the blog, just half.

Extras: You can also add in some white on each of the flowers as highlights and using a darker green you can create depth in the leaves by just painting a smaller line in the middle of the leaf. Finish with a top coat and you're done!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Blackbird Fly

Hi guys! Just a quick post to show you some nails I painted a while back. I have seen a lot of nail designs with birds painted on them and considering one of my favourite songs is 'Blackbird' by the Beatles I thought I would give them a go myself. They were pretty easy to do and I found that using a brush worked a lot easier than a nail art pen with this design as you can get nicer flowing lines with a brush. I used a nude base so that the blackbirds really stood out. Hope you like xx